The engineering tourist consultant specializing in rural tourism development.

Our intervention principles

Our operating principles:

  • 1. People serving people.

In everything we do, we listen closely to our working partners, seeking to provide optimal responses to their demands, offering them methodological tools, ideas for carrying forward their own thinking process, and our practical experience. Every project is developed in partnership and evolves by consensus.
  • 2. Endogenous, sustainable tourist development.

A primary concern of ours is to be conscious and respectful of the natural resources we put to use. We want them to be there tomorrow for our children to enjoy. As far as possible we also seek to promote partnership between local economic players so that the added value from the project can benefit the local population.
  • 3. Transparency towards third parties on competences, methods and cost

When we sign a research or consulting contract, we commit to telling you how much and which parts of the work we intend to co-contract or sub-contract, identifying the people working on the mission, their functions and the number of days and amount invoiced for each of them.