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Feasability analysis


Audit of the Ansart Rural Development Centre

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Audit of the Ansart Rural Development Centre with a view to repositioning its office automation activities and introducing innovative scanning and press review technology. Es-Management Programme of the King Baudouin Foundation.
Client: CDR Ansart B
In collaboration with Créaction International Luxembourg



Interpretation centre of the nature

Intervention date : 1998
Following the toutistic development programme of the Argonne in the Ardennes, development of a nature centre concept, including a Nature & Discovery type boutique and a regional products shop. Feasibility analysis. This project will evolve to the product NOCTURNIA: the nature at night...
Client: Association de Développement de Vouziers et de l'Argonne (ADEVA), F-Vouziers

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Municipality of Bastogne Visitor Centre

Intervention date : 1999
Designing of a visitor centre directed at valorising local food products, with audiovisual show. Developing the product concept and economic feasibility analysis in the framework Leader II.
Client: GAL Bastogne (Local Action Grouping), B
1998 - 1999



European Equine Centre, Mont-le-Soie

Intervention date : 2000
Feasibility analysis for a centre of equine excellence, including research activities of the veterinary faculty of the University of Liège, equine economy studies, training in equine professions and the installation of production and service enterprises serving the equine sector.
Client: European Equine Centre (Centre européen du cheval de Mont-le-Soie), a not-for-profit company of the Province of Luxembourg, the University of Liège, the municipality of Vielsalm and the Walloon Region.



Concept and feasibility analysis of a new thermal centre at Spa with a hotel

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Feasibility study and of the economic effects for the city of Spa in terms of jobs and income from the new thermal centre and hotel projects .
Client: Tractebel SA, B



Study for the conversion of the Vielsalm military barracks

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Concept analysis of tourism and sports products to be developed on the barracks site.
Market study of public (police, army, gendarmerie, forestry authority) and private sectors (child care and leisure. Profitability analysis.
Client: Luxembourg Inter-Municipal Economic Development Company (IDELUX).



Nouart school farm

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Development of a school farm concept to demonstrate the self-sufficient conditions of the early 20th century, based mainly on sheep farming, cheese-making and poultry farming. Concept for a farm hosting students for week-end or one-week courses. Market and feasibility analysis.
Client: Departmental Children's Centre, F-Nouart



Belleville tourist farm

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Developing a tourist farm concept based on one-day tourism and small-scale breeding, including an audio-visual show describing the development of agriculture in the Ardennes. The project includes food production and art workshops, a restaurant and a regional products shop. Local and international market and profitability study.
Client: Departmental Children's Centre, F-Belleville