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Training material for University-Industry Liaison offices

Intervention date : 1999-2000
Putting together, validating, testing and promoting across the European Union a curriculum for a training programme for young scientists wishing to work in University-Industry liaison units in order to valorize research results in the industrial world.
European LEONARDO project, with Greek, Portuguese and Dutch partners.
Client: TII Luxembourg
1999 - 2000



Management support for university spin-offs

Intervention date : 1997-2000
European marketing of the UNISPIN programme, which seeks to introduce programmes in universities to sensitise science students and researchers to entrepreneurship and to assist them in creating their own business. Intervention in workshops on available European financing to support spin-off creation programmes.
Marketing of the UNISPIN workshops at Twente 1997 and 1998 (NL), Dundalk 1997 (IRL), Linköping 1997 (S), Rome 1999 (I) , Cardiff 2000 (UK), Prague 2000.
Client: Technology Innovation Information (TII) asbl, Luxembourg,



Financing of a Research & Development manager

Intervention date : 1994
Enterprise consulting for submission of an R&D project to the Walloon Region in the field of superbike motor technology.
Client: Van Zuylen Motors sprl, Malmédy, B,



Multi-media training in the food-processing industry

Intervention date : 1993
Putting together a European LINGUA project for multi-media training in the food processing industry.
Client: Action Business Center, Heraklion, GR,



Brussels Group

Intervention date : depuis 1997
European marketing of the ?TII Brussels Group?. This is a group of European universities, public research centres, regional development centres and innovation and technical transfer consultants which is seeking to form European consortia to respond to calls for tenders from the European Commission in the fields of Research and Development and Regional Development.
Client: TII, Luxembourg,
Since 1997



Guide software for blind persons

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Putting together a European TIDE project to develop a software package for blind persons, which converts graphic signs into sounds.
Client: Action Business Center, Heraklion, GR,



Monitoring EEC innovation support aid programmes

Intervention date : 1992
EEC Monitoring on the MINT project (part of the SPRINT programme)
Client: Proget SA, Vaucresson, F, 1992



Optimising colorants in weaving

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Putting together a European CRAFT project to reduce pollution in the textile colouring process.
Client: Quantor SA, Ecully, F, 1994



Organising regional exchanges in the field of regional strategic innovation plan development

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Organising and European marketing of 3 group visits to model regions for the introduction of Regional Strategic Innovation (RSI) plans and Regional Technological Innovation (RTI) plans at Lund (S), Lyon (F) and Porto (P).
Client: TII, Luxembourg


European Research and Technological Development programmes

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Advising the University of Liège Interface service on the most appropriate European Commission Research & Development programmes for introducing a fish farming project.
Client: University of Liège, B, 1993



Recycling of polyurethane waste

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Putting together a European LIFE project for recycling polyurethane waste in Auvergne and Flanders.
Client: Recticel International SA, Brussels, B



Sensitising humanitarian NGOs to satellite geographic information

Intervention date : 2003
Organising two workshops to sensitise the main humanitarian NGOs (MSF, CICR, CARITAS, etc.) to the introduction of a European platform of satellite geographic information for emergency NGO interventions. The EEC's ISIS GeoFNGOs programme. In collaboration with Créaction International Luxembourg.



Société des Technologies de l'Information

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Advising this telephony company in finding European financing and drafting an IST (Information Society Technologies) research project aimed at improving the administrative services offered to citizens by public administrations.
Client: Ericsson, Norrköping, S,



UNISPIN (Czech Republic)

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Project head for a European UNISPIN programme to promote university spin-offs. Organising a seminar to sensitise research centres and politicians and government officials in charge of scientific research to entrepreneurship. Audit of 10 universities and research centres of the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic with a view to introducing two UNISPIN programmes, the first at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the second at Prague Technical University, to help researchers create their own companies. PHARE project, in partnership with Dutch, Irish and Swedish partners
Client: TII, Luxembourg
2000 - 2002