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Development of food product brand

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Development of a brand for vitamin supplements for cattle, and Benelux protection of the brand name.
Client: Perreaux SA, Bertrix, B



Automatic tourist guide distributor

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Marketing study in Benelux and France for an automatic distributor of tourist "Compact Guides". This type of distributor can be placed inside a museum or outside in a public area.
Client: Mécanique Mosane SA, Liège, B
1998 - 1999



European Technology Transfer Days

Intervention date : 1991-1992
Organising 9 European technology transfer days at Ghent, Bordeaux, Bilbao, Stirling, Neuchâtel and Barcelona.
Client: Technology Innovation Information asbl, Luxembourg.



Marketing of a seed capital company

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Providing marketing advice to seed capital company Agrobos Technology, a subsidiary of Investsud, specialising in food processing and forestry.
Client: InvestSud SA, Marche, B,

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Marketing of specialist Environment Fairs

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Promotion of specialist environment fairs to Belgian food processing and environmental consultants and industrialists:
- Technofood (Saint Malo)
- Pollunove (Amiens)
- Ima (Bilbao)
Client: Adhésions & Associés SA, Boulogne, F



Marketing of the TII annual conference

Intervention date : depuis 1995
European organisation and marketing of the annual conference of the European association Technology Innovation Information: 1995 Lisbon, 1997 Naples, 1998 Palm Coast Florida, 1999 Barcelona, 2000 Madeira, 2001 Athens, 2002 Turin, 2003 Vienna, 2004 Budapest

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Marketing UNISPIN good practice

Intervention date : 2005-05-1-5
Design and promotion of the seminar in Europe.
"Designing, Managing and Evaluating a Spin-Off programme"
An advanced workshop taking stock of 15 years of good practice
Seminar package including a Wellness Week from 1 to 5 March 2005 - Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

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Promoting European co-generation technologies in South-East Asia

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Promoting European energy co-generation and vegetal fuel technologies in ASEAN countries. Contact with companies and preparing a know-how promotion document. COGEN programme of the EEC.
Client: Entreprise SA, Brussels and the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.



Professional development seminars for innovation support practitioners

Intervention date : 1991-1992
Organisation and operational marketing of 7 international seminars on innovation marketing, technological auditing, technology transfer and technology watch in Brussels, Paris, Porto, Amsterdam, Bordeaux and Oxford.
Client: Technology Innovation Information asbl, Luxembourg,