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Feasability analysis

A. Feasibility analysis
B. Business plan

Although both are aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of a tourist project, feasibility analyses more generally take place in the framework of public operations, and further upstream in the examination of a project idea.

A business plan typically belongs more to an enterprise project, i.e. to create a new enterprise or take over or develop an existing one, for which the initiators need external financial support, in the form either of loans or capital.

A. Feasibility analysis

Many regional or municipal administrations would like to give a tourist vocation to a particular local resource, but lack a precise idea of its destination or markets.
The application of a proven tourist engineering methodology to the initial idea can reduce the risk of serious - and still all too frequent - strategic errors. Analysis makes it possible to confirm, redirect or reject the initial idea. This is always the best way of avoiding a major investment generating unexpected operating costs.


The feasibility analysis examines the tourist potential of a particular resource: assessing the potential market and competition, structuring the product, developing a facilities acquisition programme, the capital expenditure account, the operating forecast, profitability (internal rate of return, net present value, payback), and legal and financial structuring.


B. Business plan

Alongside the financial plan itself, the business plan presents the arguments for convincing a banker or a third party investor to participate in the investment risks:
The plans should specify:
  • the unsatisfied needs and expectations of the target markets
  • the competitive advantage of the product-service in satisfying these expectations,
  • the form of marketing;
  • the evolution of the business;
  • the quality of the future managers
  • the financial forecast
  • the financing needs


  • Dossier preparation : We help the entrepreneur put together his business plan and present his arguments to a banker or other financial institution. We give you our own assessment of your project, advising you on the opportunity of the investment, the attendant risks, the success factors and what outside investors are looking for.
  • Investor finding : SYNERGY TOURISM also helps you find institutional investors, ?business angels?, or real estate or tourist operators (like spas, holiday villages, tourist attractions...) and will assist you if necessary with negotiations.
  • Opportunity finding : We also assist foreign investors ? private, corporate or institutional investors ? in identifying enterprises or real estate to acquire or participate in. We identify opportunities as a function of the specified investment criteria, and participate in negotiations if necessary.