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Quality plan

A critical quality analysis can be an individual initiative and cover a single enterprise. It can also be a collective undertaking within a particular business area, or a territorial analysis of a specified territory, destination or tourist site..

An individual analysis can focus on compliance with legal standards (safety, hygiene, environment,...) : accommodation, sports, catering. These standards often indicate the degree of development of the site and the quality of the facilities.
Many service providers want to take the "customer quality" idea a stage further and obtain quality recognition from outside bodies in order to build customer trust. These quality signs ? brands, labels, certification ? established as a function of the targeted customer groups or business area, need to increase the legibility of the product-service on offer.
Quality plans for destinations cover the territory's tourism system, and in many cases relate to "city/village centres", the point of convergence par excellence of all tourist flows, and the tourist-friendliness of which is critical.
After identifying strong and weak points, the analysis and recommendations will cover:
  • the quality of the facilities (public spaces, urban furniture, decoration, flowers, lighting, facades, etc.)
  • the quality of the services provided both by public authorities and private enterprises (tourist information centre), opening hours, languages, etc.)
Special programs exist for setting up tourist services. Programmes differ by type of enterprise or enterprise group.
The plan goes on to specify the resources needed to reach the desired quality threshold.
All this involves moving from a quality process by individual business area to a "total? quality process, integrated into the territory and requiring the joint commitment of private and public players.