The engineering tourist consultant specializing in rural tourism development.

Institutional assistance

A. Tourism development assistance
B. Lobbying

Institution assistance from SYNERGY TOURISM is two-pronged:

  • first, assistance with the tourist development of emerging countries and regions. This assistance is aimed at states, regions, ministries and other semi-public institutions in charge of organising tourism, introducing legislation, infrastructure financing and managing and promoting the tourist resources of a particular territory
  • second, lobbying. This consists of helping companies and enterprise or consumer associations looking to strengthen their relations with the public authorities, gain recognition as official dialogue partners, and influence decision-makers by providing new local information


A. Assistance to the touristic development of emerging countries and regions.

SYNERGY TOURISM offers to the authorities of emerging countries and regions its know-how in:
  • Structuring tourist organisations at local and national level
  • Introducing legislation for tourist organisations
  • Introducing labels and standards: hotels, travel agencies, rural accommodation, camping sites, etc.
  • Technology and know-how transfer


B. Lobbying

Lobbying seeks to optimise the relationship between public authorities, enterprises and the media.
Rehabilitating private entrepreneurs as essential players in a region's economic and social development means bridging the gap between entrepreneurial culture and that of public authorities.
SYNERGY TOURISM informs the enterprise or its federation of the political environment in which it finds itself. It undertakes a political and legislative watch at regional, national and European level so as to give the enterprise advance warning of pending legislation which could affect the maintenance and development of its activities.
We help you sensitise lawmakers and the administration to your sector's objectives and constraints, to enable them to make fully informed decisions. We answer your questions on:
  • Who makes the decisions?
  • What are the mechanisms and where are the bottlenecks?
  • Who advises the lawmakers?
  • What information does they need?
  • Who are your potential allies?
  • How can they be mobilised?
  • How to present one's arguments?
After processing this information, we will formulate recommendations for an intervention strategy. Our access to Belgian, Luxembourg, French and European ministries in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg guarantees a personalised service.
We can also help a public institution provide information about its projects, consult with interested parties to learn their position, convince waverers and negotiate for an optimal decision. Also to promote a decision once taken, and justify its actions to its members or those mandating it.
SYNERGY TOURISM respects the ethical principles contained in the code of conduct of the "Society of European Affairs Professionals".