The engineering tourist consultant specializing in rural tourism development.
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In tourism, innovation can involve, for example:

  • technology: e.g. using new communication technologies for on-line promotion, reservation and payment of hotel rooms.
  • materials: e.g. a new lighter weight steel alloy, a more robust gearbox and stronger tires giving a better grip on muddy paths together add up to a mountain bike.
  • service: e.g. Rain Forest theming of a cafe-restaurant to give "Rain Forest Cafés".
  • market: e.g. offering school farm trips on the same model as school seaside or skiing trips
  • personnel management: e.g. inviting farm visitors to pick their own raspberries.
  • financing: e.g. selling regional produce for a set monthly sum.


Our mission:

  • Using "benchmarking" and technology watch to identify examples of good practice and quickly track down tools we can transpose to our product or territory, from anywhere in the world.
  • Looking, together with the entrepreneur, for ways of strengthening existing or gaining new know-how, production tools and physical facilities. Looking with him for ways of distinguishing him from the competition and giving him a competitive advantage in developing and bringing to market new products or services.
  • Identifying regional and European financial aid for innovation and technological transfer, enabling companies to sub-contract the product research and development work to a consultant or research centre, or hire in an expert to develop an innovative technology or service.
  • Identifying, putting together and managing regional development financing dossiers for municipalities and inter-municipal organisations, and private and public associations, e.g. Interreg III, Leader+, Innovative Actions, etc...


Examples of aid packages available in the Walloon Region:

  • Recoverable advances
  • Mémorant programme
  • Hiring a design specialist
  • First-Entreprises
  • Technical support in the form of a feasibility study
  • RIT (Innovation Technology Manager)
  • RIT 92
  • RIT Europe
  • Sectoral analyses
  • Technical-economic analyses
  • Technical support in the form of feasibility analyses
  • Feasibility studies of innovative software
  • Technology Transfer feasibility study
  • Aid for "Total Quality" training (ISO standards)
  • Premium for using a ?RENTIC? e-business projects manager
  • Premium for creating an e-business site
  • Transnational partnership premium
  • European contracts: CRAFT, Prometheus, etc...

We put together the file with the company and manage it if requested. This includes identifying research centres and companies, negotiating commercial partnerships or the purchase/sale of patents or licences, preparing administrative and financial reports for the subsidy providing authorities.
We have over twelve years of personalised contacts throughout the European Union with university research centres, trade chambers, regional development organisations and private innovation and technology transfer consultants.