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Cultural engineering


Visitor centre serving the city of Malmédy and the cantons of eastern Belgium (Malmundarium)

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Touristic valorization of a former monastery to display the history and tourism resources of the Malmédy region and the German-speaking cantons. Developing the product concept and leading the scientific support committee.
Client: City of Malmédy
1999 - 2000



Verviers Wool and Fashion Museum

Intervention date : 1996
Developing a private-public sector operation to create a tourist pole in order to revitalise the historic district of Bettonville. The theme of wool was expanded to include fashion, with the involvement of craft clothes designers and the development of theme areas: fashion café, walk-through show, temporary exhibitions...
Client: Walloon Region, B



Renovation and valorisation of the former Abbey of Stavelot

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Urban integration of the site and putting together a private-public sector operation involving the
development of three main activities: walk-through show giving the history of the abbey,
luxury hotel, business centre. Concept and market analysis.
Client: Walloon Region, Heritage Department, B



Val Saint Lambert site, Seraing

Intervention date : 2004-01-18
Concept and feasibility analyses for renovation of the buildings of the Abbey of Val Saint Lambert at Seraing with a view to developing a discovery centre and crystal glass activities.
Client: City of Seraing



Increasing the tourism value of the museums district of the city of Liège, and design of the Curtius area

Intervention date : 1994
Creating a strong tourism-culture area in Liège by combining 5 museums into a single conceptual, architectural and management whole. The strength of the project lies in mixing the various museum areas with private shops selling cultural goods in covered galleries linking the different axes of the museum complex. Concept analysis for the multi-museum pole.
Client: City of Liège, B
Year: 1994