The engineering tourist consultant specializing in rural tourism development.

Competitiveness planning

A. Territorial competitiveness plan
B. Enterprise audit



A. Territorial competitiveness plan

Objectives of the plan or strategic audit of a territory, municipality, province, department or region:
1. Providing public authorities and companies with a decision-making tool they can use to optimally plan their respective investments as a function of local resources and market demand, thereby reducing the risk factor in their strategic choices.
2. Defining tourism operations for the next 10 years: Where? How? All this in the light of new market trends and available resources, so as to end up with the right facilities and generate competitive enterprises.
3. Developing an innovation and enhancement programme for the tourist products and destinations, along with a marketing programme for remaining competitive.
The strategic development plan defined by SYNERGY TOURISM specifies:
Product development and marketing activities to be undertaken in-house.
On-site activities, in terms of physical facilities and image.


B. Audit of a tourist enterprise or facility, with strategic recommendations

The audit consists of a detailed examination of an existing enterprise or facility.
This audit can be:
Strategic and General, covering all parts of the enterprise (products ? services ? markets, marketing strategy, positioning, partner finding, innovation and know-how creation, human resources, etc.)
Operational and Specific with a view to strengthening weaknesses detected in a particular sector (innovation, marketing, facilities networking, financing, sub-contracting,...).